Billing Software For Hosting Companies

A hosting company is essentially retailing a hosting plan to their customer base. Therefore, they need a way to get paid for their services as long as they are rendering them. This is where billing software comes in. With good billing software, hosting resellers have a lot of the headaches associated with billing and bookkeeping handled for them.
Accounting is one of the trickiest aspects of doing business. When it comes to repeating charges, it's very easy to forget who is all paid up, who hasn't paid their bill, who paid late, and who paid previously. Trying to handle all of this by hand is a herculean task, and unfortunately customers aren't very forgiving when a simple human error results in them being billed twice in the same period. When customers stop paying, it's also necessary to terminate their accounts. When you're dealing with a successful hosting reselling business with a lot of customers, keeping all of that straight is virtually impossible!
Fortunately, there's no need for a person to try to do all of that by hand, as long as they have good billing software for their hosting company. Billing software automates many of the things that would otherwise need to be done by a person, and it doesn't make mistakes. Billing software is integrated with your hosting control panel, so that new customers signing up for a hosting plan, existing customers canceling their service, or customers that choose to up- or downgrade their accounts don't need a human being to be on the other end to make all of these changes. Instead, the customer can sign up for an account, pay through the billing software, and the control panel can create their account as soon as their payment is successfully processed.
Billing software is also useful in detecting fraud. Fraud is unfortunately common when it comes to hosting, and many spammers and con artists use stolen or falsified information to pay for hosting for fraudulent purposes. Good billing software can help detect instances of fraud with detection modules like MaxMind or Telesign. This method is a lot easier, safer, and more secure than trying to handle things like fraud and loss prevention manually, and takes far less time and effort to do.
WHMCS is a billing program. WHMCS, which is based in Web Host Manager, offers support for a variety of control panels. This means it can be used to automate account functions for a wide variety of resellers. WHMCS offers resellers an informative look at their accounts payable at a glance, including pending, active, suspended, terminated, canceled orders, and even instances of fraud. It allows the customers to change their account and billing details, view existing and pending invoices, submit new orders, and more. WHMCS is a very easy to use and versatile piece of software, which makes billing and automation a snap.
Many resellers will have to pay if they want to experience the convenience offered by WHMCS. Fortunately, people who have their reseller hosting accounts through Hostgator get the WHMCS billing system free with their reseller account. Not only is setting up a lucrative hosting business through Hostgator easy, resellers get to benefit from all of the features that WHMCS has to offer absolutely free.
Just like a good point of sale system is important for a brick and mortar retail company, good billing software is essential for a good hosting company. The right billing software functions like a security guard, accountant, and salesperson all in one, and WHMCS offers users all of these things and more.