Creating Custom Hosting Plans with Web Host Manager

Having a server and a hosting company isn't going to do you any good if you can't create hosting plans to sell to your customers. Fortunately, with Web Host Manager, creating hosting packages for sale is easy. Web Host Manager allows you to customize several different parameters, like bandwidth, storage space, number of subdomains, and more.
The first step is to login to your Web Host Manager control panel. On the left side, under 'Packages,' click on the 'Add Packages' link. This will take you to the area of WHM that will allow you to create custom hosting plans.
After clicking on the 'Add Packages' link, a form will appear, entitled 'Create a New Package.' This form has several fields, including 'Package name,' 'Shell accounts,' 'Max ftp accounts,' 'Max e-mail accounts,' and so on. This will allow you to set the parameters for your custom hosting plan. Some of these will be set to 'unlimited' by default, like 'Max e-mail accounts.' It is up to you whether or not you wish to change these. Many hosting companies offer different levels of service, and save their 'unlimited' features for their highest-paying customers.
Next to the 'Package name' field is a field called 'Quota.' This is the amount of disk space the hosting plan will allow, in megabytes. After naming the new hosting plan, fill out the amount of disk space you plan to allot each customer on this particular plan. After that, go through the rest of the form, and change whichever parameters are appropriate. It's a good idea to look at what hosting packages other providers offer before deciding on what will be included with your own hosting plans, so you can maintain a competitive price point and level of service.
Once you have filled out all of the areas of the 'Create a New Package' form that you wish to change, click on the 'Create' button. Your custom plan will have been created, and can be applied to any new accounts you create for your customers through the 'Create New Account' link under 'Account Functions.' This link allows you to make a new account for a customer, enter their domain name, create their login information, and enter their contact information.
Some of the parameters in the 'Create a New Package' link can also be modified on an individual level from the 'Modify an Account' link, under 'Account Functions.' This is useful if you want to allow your customers to be able to add on different features to their existing hosting plan at a later date. Things like the maximum number of e-mail accounts, SQL databases, ftp accounts, add-on domains, and mailing lists can all be changed from this area, however basic hosting plan information like disk space, bandwidth, cgi, and shell access cannot. There are other links under 'Account Functions' that can allow these parameters to be modified, if you choose to do so.
Creating custom hosting plans is one of the first thing anyone with a hosting company should learn to do. Hosting plans are to a hosting provider what food is to a grocery store, or shoes are to a shoe store. Without them, you would have nothing to sell. Researching your competitors' hosting plans is a good way to find out what you should be offering, and how much you should be charging for it. After that, creating your company's own custom hosting plans with Web Host Manager is easy.