Reseller hosting with Web Host Manager and cPanel

Web Host Manager and cPanel both have the same purpose in mind- simplifying the way that users host a web site. While Web Host Manager is mainly used by web hosts and hosting resellers, cPanel is a useful tool for hosts, resellers, and end users alike. 
Reseller hosting is a unique hosting arrangement. In a typical arrangement, a web host would allow an end user to purchase storage space and bandwidth for hosting their personal site. With reseller hosting, a web host allows a reseller to purchase storage space and bandwidth for resale to multiple end users. The web host covers the cost and trouble of maintaining their servers and the resellers' accounts. The resellers, in turn, handle managing their clients' accounts. Needless to say, this type of arrangement requires some special software- something that allows the web host to handle routine maintenance and manage accounts, resellers to manage their clients, and end users to create and maintain their web sites. Web Host Manager and cPanel help do all of the above, and then some.
Web Host Manager allows web hosts and resellers to handle hosting accounts on the web host's servers. This tool makes it easy for resellers, to create custom web hosting plans with ability to limit or remove certain features, to perform regular maintenance tasks, create, move or delete hosting accounts, edit DNS zones, change branding, limit bandwidth and go through all of the necessary functions of handling multiple accounts on the same server. Web hosting resellers can take care of all of their clients' accounts with WHM, as well as their own, but this web based tool is primarily intended for resellers and hosts. To satisfy their end users' needs, there's cPanel. 
Linux-based cPanel is an easy graphical user interface for hosts, resellers, or end users. Using cPanel, resellers can manage their clients' accounts and their own websites, while their clients can use it to  manage all of the other aspects of setting up and maintaining their own sites. This tool allows end users to manage files, databases, add/edit subdomains and domains, configurations, logs, FTP, e-mail accounts, mailing lists, and much more, in a relatively simple, user-friendly atmosphere. Even users with little experience creating and maintaining websites can figure out cPanel with few problems, which means that hosting resellers will be able to offer their clients less assistance with getting started. There are also several add-ons for cPanel, like one-click installers for Wordpress, phpBB, and  Joomla!, which make it a highly adaptable tool for virtually any type of website. cPanel doesn't require any downloading, either- both resellers and end users can conveniently perform all of the tasks they need to from any computer browser. 
Web Host Manager and cPanel are essentially the industry standards when it comes to software for setting up and maintaining end user accounts in a reseller hosting arrangement. They are both simple, effective, intuitive, user friendly tools that both inexperienced resellers and end users alike can learn quickly. For this reason, people looking into purchasing a reseller package from a web host should be sure to choose a host that offers these tools.