Selling Domains with eNom Reseller

One thing that many hosting companies want to do is provide domain names to their customers. This allows them to either get a quick add-on sale by offering domain names cheaply, or bundle domain name registration with their hosting plans to make them a better value for potential customers. The domain name registrar eNom allows companies to resell domain names under their own company name.
Domain names are vitally important for anyone who wants to have their own website. Though domain names can easily be confused with URLs, the two are really quite different. A URL refers to a specific website, while a domain name is a host name that refers to objects belonging to a specific IP address. In essence, domain names make accessing things on the internet less confusing, and have become the standard for navigating the web. So, if you are a hosting provider, anyone who wants to purchase a hosting plan from you will need to have a domain name. Web Host Manager provides a space for this to be entered on their new account creation screen.
The domain wholesaler eNom offers hosting companies the opportunity to take advantage of this fact, by being the ones to provide a domain name to their customers. Being a domain reseller is different than being a hosting reseller. A hosting reseller sells the space to host a website, while a domain reseller only sells the domain name. It is certainly possible to be one and not the other, but definitely more desirable to be both at once. A customer with a domain name will need hosting, and a customer with a hosting plan will need a domain name in order to use it. An eNom account enables hosting providers to sell their customers domain names bundled with their hosting plans, as well as get their own domain names for cheaper than they could otherwise. This allows hosting companies to save money on their own sites, and draw more customers by offering to register their domains for them.
With companies like Hostgator, you can sell hosting and domains. All of their virtual private server, reseller, or dedicated private server accounts come with a free eNom account. This allows account holders to purchase .com or .net domains for as little as ten dollars a year. If you choose to do so, you can ask your eNom account to be upgraded from the 'retail' level to the 'reseller' level, which will grant you access to eNom's reseller tools, and the ability to set your own default DNS and WHOIS information for your domains. There is no obligation to upgrade to a reseller account.
The advantage to having a reseller account versus a retail account with eNom is that domains processed through reseller accounts are reserved immediately, so there is no chance that someone else can buy a domain out from under you while you're reserving it. Getting good domain names is largely a matter of luck, but having a good, easy to remember domain name can make or break a business. Allowing your customers to register their domain names immediately via an eNom reseller account gives them an advantage over their competition.
Hosting and domain names go hand in hand, and companies who are able to provide both have an advantage over those who can't. A reseller account from eNom will allow you to add another level of service to your customers by bundling domain name registration with your custom hosting plans, which will keep them coming back to you for all of their hosting needs.